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From the Pastor....


Identity is a strange thing. While everyone claims to have an identity, what gives us identity seems to vary.
Some find identity in their families, some find identity in their sexuality, some find identity in their professions and others their associations.

Defined by the Oxford dictionary: Identity is the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.

Identity definition

So who or what are you?
We live in a world where the answer to this question is multiple choice. Each individual is encouraged to look at the myriad of options and identify in whatever manner they want. Nothing is inherent or permanent. Nothing can be assumed anymore. There is no such thing as “just the way it is.”

Which is why you are left scratching your head as a disciple of Jesus Christ.
For us, there is only one “way”, that it is.
There is only one “truth”, which defines us and only one “life”, we have been given.
His name is Jesus.

In the midst of a world of people searching to find their identities, praise God we know who and what we are.
We are a dearly loved creation of God the father, sinful to the core, yet made righteous by Christ. We are those who follow Jesus, repenting and struggling and experiencing His joy and receiving His gifts all through life, while we await His return.

This is who we are… Disciples of Jesus Christ. AMEN!

In His Grip,
Pastor Guy Roberts