God Provides.

God provides the vehicle (the great fish) that moves Jonah from where he was headed to where God wants him to go. He does the same for each of us.

For you and I here today, our hope is the same as it has always been, that God provides. Left alone to us, we go down, down, down into the depth...death. But in Jesus, we are lifted up alongside Him in the victory of the cross. We will ascend with Him because GOD PROVIDES.

Jonah experienced a perfect storm that interrupts his plans
to flee.

God ultimately saves Jonah
through this perfect storm.
God allows perfect storms to occur in our lives so we find our way back to Him.

The Sign of Jonah Lenten Series
In Jonah, we have ourselves.

Each one of us has heard the call of God in our lives and went the opposite direction.

The only hope is
Jesus Christ the Word of God.
He has created life where
there is only death.


The Lord's calling is the same
as it's always been:
Trust in Me.


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Lent 2015

The Sign of Jonah
A Series of Special Services for LENT

4:30 pm and 7:00 pm services times on Wednesdays during Lent

Jonah...for Lent? Sounds fishy, but it's a natural fit. When the Jews asked Jesus for a sign, he said, "I will give you only the sign of Jonah." After three days in the belly of the earth, Jesus rose with news of God's prodigal grace. This series of special services explores the meaning of "The Sign Jonah" as we follow Jonah on his journey...and Jesus on his way to the cross. Written by seminary professor, Dr. Reed Lessing.

Join us! Dinner served Immediately after the 4:30 pm service (approximately 5:30 pm).

Ash Wednesday ~ God Is Calling
First Week of Lent ~ Saved in the Storm
Second Week of Lent ~ Our Providing God
Third Week of Lent ~ Praying in the Belly of the Great Big Fish
Fourth Week of Lent ~ The God of the Second Chance
Fifth Week of Lent ~ About Face

The Roberts family

Zion Lutheran Church welcomes Pastor Guy Roberts (as Lead Pastor), his wife, Emily, and their sons, Zane and Jaxon to their church family. Pastor Guy commenced his leadership in October of 2014.

Pastor Guy Roberts grew up in the state of Oregon. He studied theology at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri and most recently, pastored the congregation at St. John's Lutheran Church in West Bend, Wisconsin.

His wife, Emily, grew up in Pelican Rapids, Minnesota, studied nursing at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota and has worked as a Registered Nurse.

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