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From the Pastor....

Who are we?
We live in a world where the only unforgivable sin is to impose your labels on anyone or anything.
In fact, anyone who does this will be immediately labeled…

labels: Intolerant, Closeminded, Unenlightened

This of course, demonstrates the hypocrisy of those who admonish labeling, by in turn labeling the labelers.

Did you follow that?
As a Christian, we know we are labeled and are glad to be so. Here are some of the labels we proudly wear.

Named, Heard, Fed, Led, Forgiven

There are many other labels attached to those who call themselves disciples of Jesus Christ and not all of them are flattering.
For us though, the only labels which matter are those Jesus gives us.

Starting Sunday October 18th, we are going to ask ourselves as a congregation, “Who are we?”
  • We will learn together what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  • We will explore the heart of life in His Word.
  • We will discover or re-discover the gift Luther’s Small Catechism is as a teaching tool of faith.
  • And in the end, we will label ourselves, in all humility and love.

    WE ARE

  • In His Grip,
    Pastor Guy Roberts