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I can only remember being truly lost one time.

This happened while hunting the north woods of Minnesota.
The day was perfect and grouse were flushing right and left as I wandered road after road.

Life is Grand!
I remember thinking out loud, “Wow! Could this day get any better?"

Where am I?
It’s amazing what can change in the span of five minutes, because 5 minutes later, I realized nothing looked familiar.
I glanced around and looked for a landmark, but northern Minnesota has very few landmarks.

With only a couple of hours until dark, the full reality of my situation hit me. I was lost.

Have you ever been lost?

You know, the kind of lost where you are wondering if you are going to have to be found? Well that’s the kind of lost I was.

I wandered for an hour.
Thankfully, the Lord provided a familiar road and I stumbled into camp, vowing to never enter the woods again without a compass and the knowledge of how to use it.

This experience taught me many life lessons, but one of the most profound: It is easy to be lost and not realize it.

For those who follow the Lord, our hope has never been dependent on our ability to find our way back to Him, but in the sure and certain hope that he has rescued us. But living here in this world, while being not of the world, can provide moments of uncertainty.

I believe we are living in a culture and time that varies between "Life is Grand!" and “Where am I?”
While we know that belonging to Jesus means we are never lost, trying to get our bearings in a world as messed up as ours, can provide an experience I would call, "Culture Shock". We explored "Culture Shock" during our Vacation Bible School adult education. Thank you to all who attended!

In His Grip,
Pastor Guy Roberts