We will continue to provide opportunities for your household to enjoy online worship services to stay connected to the Zion Family and to God’s Word. Information on our Sunday worship services can be found below.
LIVE on our YouTube channel
LIVE on our Facebook page
LIVE on KDLM radio channels 1340 AM & 93.1 FM
ACS TV channel 14 – Wednesdays at 4:00 PM
Communion offered on the first, third & fifth Sundays of the month. 
Our All-Ages Bible Study
We invite you to join us in the Zion Fellowship Hall.
 To sign up for the Discipleship Hour on Zoom, please email Sarah at zionlutherandl@gmail.com.
This service will be held in our south parking lot and those attending may choose to remain in their vehicles and tune in to radio channel 95.5, or bring a chair and sit outside for worship.
Communion offered on the first, third & fifth Sundays of the month.
If you would like to sign up for Zion’s email updates, please send an email to zionlutherandl@gmail.com and our Ministry Coordinator – Sarah Cigelske, will get you added to our emailing list. Pastors are available for emergencies and/or appointments. Please contact Pastor Guy Roberts at 218-850-1239 if you are in need.

Remember, the Lord is faithful and in Christ, faith overcomes fear.

In His Grip,

Pastor Guy Roberts

We invite you to our HOME,

in hopes it will become yours.


A HOME provides belonging, support & guidance.

Our members call Zion their church HOME.
Are you longing for guidance in the midst of our confusing world? Support or friendship? Belonging? Do you want to better know the Bible and Jesus?
Do you sometimes lie awake thinking about your children and their future? Do you want them to be close to Jesus but don’t know how to get or keep them there?
Maybe you are “churched” (a church member during your life) and looking to be part of a church that develops disciples with the truth of God’s Word.
You are not alone.

We understand. Let us help you.

Zion Detroit Lakes is a church who guides families and individuals to follow Jesus. We help parents raise their children knowing Jesus. Our education and programs empower parents to be confident in their ability to do so.
How? We are only able to do this by the power of God’s grace and Holy Spirit.
Our vision: Discipleship As Life = We live as disciples of Jesus at home, in the community and at church. Following Jesus (being a disciple) is not PART of life, it IS life. We view it AS life.
To see if Zion is right for you, come check us out! We invite you to come and visit us in person to see if Zion could be your church HOME.

 Adult Ministry


Zion offers learning and fellowship opportunities for adults. If you like learn and make life-long relationships with Jesus and others (plus like donuts and coffee) click MORE to find out more! 

 Family Ministry


The mission of our church is to equip all people to be disciples of Christ. This begins with parents teaching and guiding their children. Let our ministries empower you to raise your children knowing Jesus.



Get to know us by worshiping with us! Sunday mornings at 8:00 am (Traditional) and 10:30 am. (Contemporary with lots of kids)

Want To Become a Member?

We invite anyone and everyone to attend our weekly Worship. Sunday 8:00 am & 10:30 am